the Key to Success in Continuous Self-Development

Nowadays people live in an extremely fast-paced society. Everything we do is greatly marked with constant changes and we are to adapt to them in the blink of an eye. Therefore, we should be ready for challenges at every turn.

It goes without saying, despite constant technical and scientific progress, the gap between the unskilled and skilled is widening. Correspondingly, one of the steps to a successful and promising career is mastering the 21st century skills, such as critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, communication, creativity and many others.

In this respect, being a…

Key Ideas

The importance of rethinking education is undeniable. Here are some key points I consider to be take into consideration:

  1. the idea of “essential content” (Print, 1993): while selecting academic course content it’s essential to observe the following considerations:

Significance. The criterion of significance applies where content is considered in terms of how fundamental it is to the theme under study. Where the content is contemplated as valuable to the subject, it is deemed significant, thus recommended for inclusion in a curriculum.

2. Relevance. This criterion is anchored on the reality that content should be related to the perspectives…

in terms of Access, Relationships, Function and Vision

On the definition of Learning Community by Richard E. West & Gregory S. Williams

According to Richard E. West & Gregory S. Williams, a learning community may be defined by the boundaries of a community, which include: Access; Relationships; Vision and Function.

Therefore, I would like to reflect upon the learning community distinctive features using KWL approach. Thus, I would like to acknowledge what I already know (K), what I want to know (W) and what I have learned (L).


K: To work productively in a learning community everyone should be on the same page as for working language, meeting place, group rules and values…

How will the role of the university look like in the future?

The Future of the University

To reflect upon the issue I would like to start with the words of Shelby Foote — “a university is just a group of buildings gathered around a library”. Nowadays, a digital one which is actually created by universities as scientific and educational institutions.

Truth be told, university courses should be properly designed to develop learners’ learning (critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication), literacy (information, media, technology) and life (flexibility, leadership, initiative, productivity, social) skills. Therefore, the education paradigm should be changed Changing Education Paradigms
To my mind, universities should…

How will the role of the teacher develop in a fully open education environment?

The 21st Century Teacher

The role of a teacher is constantly undergoing changes due to constant progress in all spheres of human life. A teacher should be in an on-going rush for self-improvement and development as he is the first one to be taken as an example. Nowadays the role of a teacher is viewed as a facilitator. A teacher is a mentor (or let’s say a guide) who opens the door to knowledge and encourages students’ motivation to study hard, think critically, develop out-of-the-box thinking. Teachers should make learners…

Being digital literate is the number one skill nowadays. Due to constant rapid technological and scientific progress an intelligent person should be in the know of all the cutting-edge technologies as well as become a proficient user of them. Technologies matter much nowadays. We have nearly changed our surrounding to digital space. Thus, we study, learn, work, entertain, communicate, sell, buy etc. on the Internet. It’s a common known fact, that in our daily life we mostly find and consume digital content. Being digital natives we may quickly find everything we need and thus benefit from the final digital product…

School education is very important in our life as it gives academic basis a person can’t pursue his career without. Cooperating with inspectors ensures educational standards and tries to make the process of learning better. Good schools are known for efficient pastoral care, creating favourable environment for learning and acquiring new skills, cultivating leadership, shaping a vision of academic success etc. I am lucky to have experienced all that in my school. The teachers really tried to find an approach to each and every student taking into consideration their social background as well as their interests and abilities.

However, nowadays…

Education is a key vehicle in managing population. Consequently, the government should provide decent funding to maximize its productivity. In such a way it may ensure its authority is distributed and accepted.

Moreover, education is a major contributor to economic competitiveness. Quality education provision will contribute to a high skill labour force market. It emphasizes one more importance of funding to be done in a structural way.

What is more, the more educated your population is, the more prosperous your country may be. It’s a golden rule that should not be neglected. Consequently, academic content should become a prior importance…

To be a good teacher

Thousands of words have already been said about good teachers. It’s commonly believed that a good teacher shoud be proficient in his subject, should be sympathetic to students’ needs, be able to find an approach to each and every student, be creative and flexible, aware of brand-new things, have great methodological strategies in his store etc. I believe it’s true. Though, having the good luck of possesing all the qualities mentioned a good teacher may be not so good. Why? .. Probably, because teaching is a constantly changing process of self-development and improvement. …

Oksana Chernysh

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